• Nomination of Deacon George Shawky Farag
  • Ordination on November 28, 2003
  • Receiving the Altar on January 3, 2004
  • Relocating to the present premises on January 16, 2005
  • Purchasing the new land in 2008

On October 2004 the Hope Lutheran Church at the above address came up for sale. Some serious consideration started on the part of our Church. Asking price was $550,000. The action started when Abouna Marcos and some of the Church members viewed the premises, and then was followed by a visit by the Church Council .. And an offer to purchase was submitted which was rejected by the owners. A few weeks later another offer was submitted which was more open to discussion. After a few counter-offers back and forth, the offer was accepted and the Lord granted us a new home for St. Mark at the wonderful price of $350,000

In late November the original owners allowed us to hold the first Liturgy in the building. This served as an introduction to the new building for the entire Congregation. While the documentation and financial arrangements were progressing, New Year’s Eve, Nativity Eve and Christmas Day was celebrated at the New Church to be.

On January 16, 2005, the last Liturgy was celebrated at 303 Lakewood and immediately following the Service, the entire Congregation participated in moving our effects to the new Church, including the Altar and the Icons. This made the new place feel like home.

Abouna Marcos started looking for a design for building an Iconostasis so that the Church would start adopting the Coptic style.

In the summer of 2005, Abouna Marcos obtained a computerized design from one of his acquaintances in Ontario and took it to a cabinet factory in one of the adjoining towns. The factory milled the parts and they were assembled on site. The construction was done under Abouna’s supervision and active participation on his part, in painting and mounting the structure (an engineer!!). The work was completed in a few months to evolve into the beautiful piece of work that exists today. This gave the Church an authentic Coptic style. May the Lord bless all who participated in this labor of love.

Abouna Marcos’ Arrival to Winnipeg

The date was January 3, 2004, a cold and snowy night in Winnipeg. It was so cold that the luggage compartment of the plane would not open. Abouna Marcos and his family: Tasoni Miranda and daughters, Madona and Maria, Abouna’s late mother, Madame Wadiaa, and his brother-in-law, Eng. Sherif arrived accompanied by Abouna Reweis Awad. Abouna and his family were greeted with wreaths of flowers and banners and they were transported by limousine to the Church. (to their surprise, they were asked to give back the flowers they received before leaving the airport. (The flowers would have frozen had they worn them outdoors).

At the Church, Abouna entered accompanied with the proper joyous Alhan, he knelt before the Altar and started the Prayer of Thanksgiving and the rite of receiving the Altar of the Church was fulfilled. After congratulating him, everybody proceeded to a hall at a neighboring a hotel where a reception dinner, speeches and a slide show of a brief history of the Church was enjoyed by all.

The following morning, which was a Sunday, Abouna Marcos (khadeem) celebrated Holy Liturgy with Abouna Reweis Awad taking only a supportive role. After lunch, Abouna Reweis held a meeting and gave some advice to the congregation.

Next came the Nativity Paramount and Nativity Eve and in both Services, with the grace of God, Abouna Marcos took a full charge in a very an admirable and efficient way for a newly ordained Priest.

Abouna Marcos did not waste any time before organizing and developing the services in the Church and took the lead with no hesitation whatsoever.