Abouna Marcos Shawky Farag


  • Nomination of Deacon George Shawky Farag
  • Ordination on November 28, 2003
  • Receiving the Altar on January 3, 2004
  • Relocating to the present premises on January 16, 2005
  • Purchasing the new land in 2008

Approximately a month later news filtered to Winnipeg that a deacon from St. George & Anba Reweis Church, Toronto, will be going to Egypt to be ordained for St. Mark of Winnipeg during His Holiness’ annual enthronement celebration.

Communication with Abouna Reweis Awad revealed that the selection was done between His Grace Bishop Tadros and himself and that the nominated deacon was Biomedical Engineer George Shawky Farag, in his early forties, who had moved to Canada two and half years earlier.

The explanation goes that Deacon George was the leading deacon at the Liturgy that His Grace celebrated with Abouna Reweis after their visit to Winnipeg. Another Divine planning! After the Service Abouna Reweis asked His Grace what he thought of the leading Deacon. His Grace said that he was fine and knew his role. Abouna Reweis asked His Grace what he thought of the deacon as a priest for Winnipeg. His Grace agreed that he would be good for that. The question was then relayed to Deacon George. Deacon George asked for a week during which he would fast and pray with his wife, Miranda, asking for Divine guidance. After this period, Deacon George got back to Abouna Reweis with the answer: let it be according to the Lord’s command.

With questions on everybody’s mind, Abouna Reweis sent us Abouna Makary Selwanis to celebrate Holy Liturgy the following Saturday and to answer any questions regarding Deacon George. His answers made the members of the Congregation very comfortable with the decision and the selection of a priest whom nobody from the congregation had chosen.

Abouna Reweis accompanied Deacon George to Egypt for the ordination. At around 8:30 p.m. Abouna Reweis called while Abouna Makary was in Winnipeg and told the Church Council that a nomination document was required from the congregation of St. Mark in Winnipeg. The nomination sheet was circulated among the members of the Church, the necessary signatures were secured in a record short time and the document was faxed to Abouna Reweis by midnight. Abouna Reweis was scheduled to present it to His Holiness the following morning, Cairo time.

His Holiness approved the nomination. Alleluia! The ordination did not take place at the time of the celebrations due to complications with other Churches’ nominations. Everything in due time.

On Friday, November 28, 2003, George Shawky Farag became Abouna Marcos Farag called to serve the Altar of St. Mark Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He was ordained at the Monastery of St. Bishoy and spent his 40 days there prior to his departure for Winnipeg, as is the custom of the Church.

Abouna Marcos Farag was visited by some Winnipeg Church members at the monastery. Also, a visit was made to His Holiness to offer thanks from the Winnipeg Church for the selection and the ordination of their shepherd. The words of His Holiness were: “Take good care of him and treat him well”. The delegation responded that this would be a personal commitment.

When Abouna Marcos arrived in Toronto on January 1, 2004, there were also representatives from the Winnipeg Church at his reception.

Abouna Marcos’ Arrival to Winnipeg

The date was January 3, 2004, a cold and snowy night in Winnipeg. It was so cold that the luggage compartment of the plane would not open. Abouna Marcos and his family: Tasoni Miranda and daughters, Madona and Maria, Abouna’s late mother, Madame Wadiaa, and his brother-in-law, Eng. Sherif arrived accompanied by Abouna Reweis Awad. Abouna and his family were greeted with wreaths of flowers and banners and they were transported by limousine to the Church. (to their surprise, they were asked to give back the flowers they received before leaving the airport. (The flowers would have frozen had they worn them outdoors).

At the Church, Abouna entered accompanied with the proper joyous Alhan, he knelt before the Altar and started the Prayer of Thanksgiving and the rite of receiving the Altar of the Church was fulfilled. After congratulating him, everybody proceeded to a hall at a neighboring a hotel where a reception dinner, speeches and a slide show of a brief history of the Church was enjoyed by all.

The following morning, which was a Sunday, Abouna Marcos (khadeem) celebrated Holy Liturgy with Abouna Reweis Awad taking only a supportive role. After lunch, Abouna Reweis held a meeting and gave some advice to the congregation.

Next came the Nativity Paramount and Nativity Eve and in both Services, with the grace of God, Abouna Marcos took a full charge in a very an admirable and efficient way for a newly ordained Priest.

Abouna Marcos did not waste any time before organizing and developing the services in the Church and took the lead with no hesitation whatsoever.