“How lovely is Your Tabernacle, O Lord” (Psalm 83:1)

Our hearts are glad and rejoice on earth with the Heavenly hosts at the Church of the great saint and martyr, St. Mark, in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. What we witness today in this Church is the most clear and strongest evidence of God’s great work with His people in this city. God recognized the love and eagerness in the hearts of the few who lived in this city to have a dwelling for God, to be blessed by Him and find in Him what they could not find anywhere else: the joy, real peace and serenity regarding the future of their children in a strange land. God granted them according to their hearts’ desire and fulfilled all their counsel and turned the dream and hope into a wonderful reality. Who would have thought that this small seed would grow and become a big, fruitful tree, giving spiritual food to all those who come to it.