Third Meeting with His Holiness


  • Nominating Deacon Georg Shawky - 2003
  • Ordination on November 28th, 2003
  • Receiving the Church Altar on January 3, 2004
  • Moving to 1400 Pembina Hwy on January 16, 2005
  • Purchasing the new parcel of land - 2008

In August of 2003 one of the young people in St. Mark’s was to have her wedding in New Jersey. A number of families were planning to travel to attend the wedding. Providence had it that His Holiness was going to be at his residence at Cedar Grove, New Jersey, at the same time! What an opportunity to have a larger delegation to meet with His Holiness. Divine planning! A request for an appointment was granted for the day before the wedding.

When the delegation was introduced to His Holiness, his first words were: “Winnipeg, I must send you a priest!” without the usual sentence “find someone yourself”. The conversation with His Holiness went very smoothly as he showed his awareness of Winnipeg’s needs.

Some of the highlights of the conversation were:

⇒ His Holiness could send a temporary priest until a permanent one is found

⇒ Instructions to His Grace Bishop David to communicate with the Ontario Churches to send us priests for Sunday services. In his great sense of humor he told His Grace Bishop David: “You are Canadian, look after those Canadian countrymen of yours”.

The meeting was reported in the “Kerazah” as part of His Holiness’ visit to the US. As a follow-up to the visit, His Grace Bishop David contacted Abouna Reweis Awad of St. George & Anba Reweis in Toronto to adopt the needs of St. Mark Church of Winnipeg. Abouna Reweis became responsible for selecting the priest to serve St. Mark but the hope for Sunday services did not materialize.

Time came for the annual visit of His Grace Bishop Tadros which is usually in early October. He said that His Holiness had delegated him to the job of fulfilling our request for a priest. Abouna Reweis Awad accompanied His Grace on this visit. This enabled him to observe, first hand, the situation at St. Mark’s. His Grace Bishop Tadros’ next stop was to St. George & Anba Reweis Church, Toronto, with Abouna Reweis. Another Divine Timing!!